Sharon S. Dublin

Ok! As I write this I'm not 100% finished with my bike purchase but wanted to jump on and share my thoughts so far :-)

Shop not too far from home, when thinking of buying a bike I knew I wanted to check this place out. Locally owned this small shop sits between Blackrock and Booterstown, facing the sea front/dart station. Their range isn't huge due to size of store but they pack in some great bikes!

Allowed to browse and then yep, staff we're only too happy to help as we went through 101 questions on road bikes, hybrids, racers, model spec, etc. We got loads of great starting out advice!! 

What was really impressive is we we're allowed to take bikes out, ride them around the local park to get a good feel for them, we came back after 1st bike try out and the guy had another 2 bikes waiting which he suggested we try so yeah, we tested 6/7 bikes out with trial rides in the park which made us more comfortable making a decision! 

Seriously there was no pressure and time wise, he didn't rush us one bit! So order placed and looking forward to collecting both bikes - will update my review with the final product and service :-) 

Watch this space! But so far, top marks 5 stars