Gavin, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

Well - a few weeks ago Sharon and myself headed into these guys to look at buying bike.

Being a newbie to the biking world it was a bit daunting but within second we were already in good hands. The guy (who I think might own the shop) who was helping us was really helpful and and entertained all our beginner questions - he even recommended bike for it to try out.

With that he had two bikes down and told us to take them out for a cycle around the park across the way. so off we went. When we got back he had another two ready for us to try. In the end we tried about 3 bikes each before deciding on the ones we wanted.

He also gave us a free water cage, water bottle, bike pump and spare tube! we bought a few extras like lights, locks and helmets too.

The selection of bikes isn't huge but they have enough to choose from! From mountain to hybrid to road bikes! also the selection of accessories it perfect.

I'll be back to these guys any time I need anything for the bike! Great service and great value.